Creating a wonderfully sophisticated black kitchen

Black kitchens first became fashionable with New York Loft-style interiors. Dark and moody, they were masculine and often had a bit of bling for good measure. But black kitchens are becoming more prominent and are now more versatile, incorporating black in various forms from the cabinetry to the walls.

Young homeowners especially tend to choose dark kitchens for their homes. While the older generations grew up with light or brightly coloured kitchens, it seems that the younger generations are not afraid to experiment with colours that were previously taboo in a kitchen environment.

The Small Black Kitchen In Practice

HØLTE Studio recently revealed a small kitchen with black cabinets in Lea Bridge, London and the result is a striking kitchen that is both simple and beautiful. The owners of the home are design professionals who wanted to have a kitchen that makes a powerful statement, and HØLTE delivered that in spades.

The cabinet fronts were made using black lino. This contemporary material has a subtle texture that prevents finger marks when touched, helping to keep the kitchen neat.

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Beautiful detailing in the half-moon integrated plywood door handles and suspended shelving provide natural wood touches in this otherwise monochromatic colour scheme. This type of exposed wood handle has become a trademark of HØLTE Studio.

The black upper and lower cabinets are separated by marble effect quartz worktops and stark white backsplashes, providing a crisp and clean contrast with the touch screen black appliances and cabinetry.

The black faucets complement the thin steel bracketry of the shelving unit, providing a cohesive look between all the finishes in the kitchen.

The result is a minimalist yet elegant kitchen, filled with understated texture and craftsmanship that is a testimony to its designers’ skill and attention to detail.

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A belief that a great kitchen should be within everyone’s reach compelled Witlof designers, Tom and Fi, to establish HØLTE in late 2017. Partnering with IKEA, these two creative designers offer a range of bespoke cabinet fronts to fit your custom IKEA kitchen carcasses.

How to Incorporate Black in Your Kitchen

Black Cabinetry
We have always been told to stay away from dark colours in small rooms, but black cabinets can look beautiful without making the kitchen feel small. Combine black cabinet fronts with light tops and floors for a high-contrast kitchen.

If the idea of both lower and upper cabinets in a dark colour doesn’t appeal to you, then choose to have the lower cabinets in a dark colour with lighter upper cabinets. Surprisingly, this has a great effect on making a kitchen feel more spacious, with the lower cabinets seemingly disappearing under the floating upper cabinets.

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Black Floors and Tops
You can also choose the inverse with a dark kitchen floor finish combined with matching countertops while keeping the cabinetry light. However, always keep in mind that a black floor is not as forgiving as a lighter floor and tends to show dirt more easily, requiring cleaning more often. Black granite or soapstone countertops are luxurious options that work equally well with light or dark cabinets and are a worthwhile investment for your home. Laminate countertops are a highly cost-effective option, with a staggering variety of colours and textures available.

Tiles and Backsplashes
White cabinetry can gain immense depth by adding black tiles to the backsplashes. High gloss water-based paint can also be used with great success on kitchen walls. Just make sure that it is wipeable and you will be able to keep it clean without any problems. Both these high gloss finishes will reflect light, preventing the countertop areas from being too dark. It is also advisable to install under-counter lighting to light the work surfaces.

Black Walls
If your kitchen has sufficient wall space, you can bring the trend home by painting them black. Black paint will quickly add depth to your kitchen, especially when offset with white cabinetry and finishes. A black focal wall can also conveniently be used as a chalkboard for grocery lists or notes.