Experience the down-to-earth delights of the Italian kitchen style

Rolling hills, vineyards, warm breezes, delicious wines, even better food. If there’s one type of kitchen that signifies a laid-back life, it’s the Italian kitchen style. With its rich, traditional colours, the Italian kitchen style is what some might call ‘worn’, and what others might call ‘warm‘. It’s an environment that’s often rather rustic, yet inviting. Inspired by the region, warm colours infuse every aspect of the style.

And when it comes to design, fluid architecture is a core feature. The end result is a luscious and relaxed look, free from sharp corners and cold materials. In a typical Italian kitchen, even tiles should feel as though their sharp edges have softened and their precise corners have been buffed over time to a now rounded point.

Much like the worn facades of its homes, the kitchens of Italy make use of a décor scheme that is elegant in its decay. That isn’t to say that the furniture and accessories of the Italian kitchen style are too aged to be useful, just that they are the ideal combination of function and chic shabbiness. You’ll find traditional cast iron cookware, oils, bottles of vinegar and meats put on display for easy access and a casual appearance. Often, the dining set will be made of reclaimed wood and wrought iron or a combination of both. As with everything in the homely Italian Mediterranean kitchen, it just needs to be comfortable.

Having said all of that, know this: the homely Italian kitchen is nothing without an ambience of warmth and welcome. So, to evoke feeling wherever you are have a pot of something sensational bubbling away on the hob, a bottle of red wine on the table and an open door for family and friends to drop in.

For a better idea of what it takes to design and decorate a kitchen in the typical Italian style, browse through the gallery below. It’s filled with inspirational images that are bound to give you a boost of inspiration.