The price of a new kitchen in a luxurious home

If you’re thinking of having your kitchen refurbished, you’re probably already wondering about the cost. Equipped kitchen expenses can be staggeringly high, and even a budgeted project can run into the thousands.

If you have your eye on some stylish designer brands and new appliances, then the price in all likelihood will be even higher. The size and form of your kitchen, together with your dream layout, could have a great effect on the expense too. So, all things considered, what price will you have to fork out for a new kitchen these days? Probably around €8 000.

If you are eagerly planning a brand new kitchen but don’t want costs to spiral out of control, follow these recommendations for commonly asked questions to keep your budget in check:

Why is having a price range of a new kitchen important?

One of the most vital things you can do when you’re trying to save money for your kitchen is to set a budget even before you start exploring your new kitchen options. This will help you avoid the issue of falling in love with luxurious gadgets or steeply-priced cabinets. With a budget in place, you may immediately brush them aside as being unaffordable. Understanding your budget will help you make rational decisions. In a way, it also helps in case you discover something highly priced you just can’t live without, so you can try and cut costs in different areas.

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Do I need a plan before starting a kitchen renovation?

Though it’s critical to not do any kitchen shopping before you’ve set your budget, a good plan will help you know what you really like. Many designers provide a freebie service where they will come and measure your kitchen and draw you up a design. But, sometimes those consultants will charge a fee of €50 or more. Write down a few thoughts of your own, and decide what you need/want. This will allow you to steer clear of unnecessary consultancy charges.

Should I remove my old kitchen myself?

A spot of DIY is always an excellent way to save some cash, and removing old kitchen components yourself could even make you money. If you’re up for a challenge, you could take out all your old cabinets and shelves and sell them; you will be amazed at the number of people willing to pay a few bucks for old cabinets. Though you should not touch gas appliances without a professional, you may do away with electrical appliances. You might be able to sell these without much trouble. Some repair companies would be eager to take old appliances off your hands too. It’s not a bad thing when disposal charges could be a surprising add-on to your kitchen budget. Generally speaking, deconstructing your kitchen yourself will save you money.

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Can I DIY rewiring and installation of my kitchen?

Your kitchen may be in a dangerous location with all those wires, so it’s critical to get a qualified electrician in to do any rewiring. This could vary in price depending on the size of the task and the number of home appliances you have. There are, however, a few opportunities to save money. Some electrical ovens have plugs, for instance, so you don’t have to pay installation fees.

How much research should I do for my kitchen renovation?

When it comes to keeping kitchen costs down, research is vital. Generally, the more straight-forward a product is, the cheaper it is going to be. As an example, a popular wall unit won’t be as costly as a rounded corner cabinet or one with a tumbler inlay. You have to anticipate paying around a lot of money for a range of first-class units to fit in an average-sized kitchen. Like units, worktops can range extensively in price too. As an example, a laminate worktop might cost just €100. Wood, granite and marble, on the other hand, can easily head in the direction of the €1 000 mark. If you make a decision to select wood, negotiate with fitters to stain and seal it yourself as this can save in labour expenses.

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Are kitchen appliances expensive?

One of the most costly outlays for a brand new kitchen is the appliances. Shopping around will help you make the best decision for your renovation. First, think about the home appliances you want, how you will use them and whether you actually need that huge, oversized waffle-maker. You can expect to spend around €2 000 for a full set of home appliances. However, a few outlets provide cash-return on specific products, so it’s well worthwhile heading online and looking for great deals.

Should I stay away from fancy kitchen add-ons?

Yes. Adding an elegant tap, a stylish door knob or having your drawers’ soft-close will bust your budget almost instantly. You must continually be on the lookout for hidden extras. For example, you would assume handleless cabinets might be less steeply-priced when, in truth, they are pricier than having a simple but fashionable handle.


What are some surprising kitchen costs?

One area that is frequently forgotten, and can kill your budget, is the floor. If you are looking save on costs, think about laminate or vinyl flooring. Though the concept may sound frightening, modern products have come a long way from the normal plastic-type floors of the past and look very realistic and emulate wood or tiles extraordinarily well. At only a few hundred Euros for the average kitchen, they are cheaply priced too.

Should I use a nearby kitchen fitter or not?

Finally, a great idea would be to use a local fitter in place of the ones offered by your kitchen supplier. You may want to do some research to locate dependable carpenters who are often capable of setting up your kitchen at a fraction of the charge. In a few instances, local fitters additionally have relationships with kitchen professionals too, allowing you to get discounts or wholesale costs on devices, worktops and fittings.