Your kitchen should have practicality and functionality, but why not personality?

Often, in the process of making a practical and pretty kitchen design, we forget that our kitchen is a reflection of us, just like the rest of the home would be.

Stuck for ideas? Here’s how to add more personality into your kitchen, in 6 easy steps:

1. Love your lights

Kitchen lighting doesn’t have to be boring. Don’t limit yourself to ceiling hangings or spotlights. Add lamps, floor lights and under-cabinet lights, to take it that little step further.

The lamp in this kitchen is a striking addition to the rest of the décor. The geometric shape is a contrast to the more traditional features of the kitchen, but the light tones are a nice complement to them.

Another option is floor lights under the counters of your kitchen to add a futuristic touch and another dimension. Customise your kitchen with your favourite colours and styles of lighting. It’s particularly ideal for creating a chilled atmosphere, when you don’t want lighting that’s too bright.


2. Cut to colours

Don’t be afraid to brighten up your kitchen with a pop of bright colour. Colours make the kitchen look lively and energetic, and they never go out of style. Greys go well with yellows. This is perfect for creating a kitchen which blends a concrete urban theme and a bright, natural colour. A white kitchen on the other hand, allows you to use splashes of different colours, just in case you can’t make up your mind.

You can also consider a matte black painted wall to be used as your very own, larger than life chalkboard. Adorn it with your favourite recipes, quotes and scribbles, and make it unique to you.

3. Daring with dining

The dining space in your kitchen is probably the most important part of it. What’s the point of cooking up delicious food if the place you serve it doesn’t reflect who you are?

Short of dining space? Add a small breakfast nook to a corner of your kitchen. It’s a cosy space to have small meals, and you can fill it with personality, from the seats to the walls.

Bowls, plates, cutlery, cups… use them to do more than just serve your food! They all reflect you as a person to your guests, so mix and match them as you wish. They’re a nice way to bring personality to your kitchen without changing its design.

Don’t underestimate the powers of stainless steel in restyling. (c) cristina mejia

4. Shape-shifting

Shape your kitchen to add personality. Think about your kitchen design, looking at islands, tables and accessories. Square shaped islands are the archetype for islands, and they can fit into any style of kitchen. Switch up the shape, by matching it to the shape of your kitchen or using a letter of the alphabet.

Your dining table is the place where your guests will enjoy your cooking and conversations. Consider tree dining tables, which have different shapes and are unique to you.

You can even make a statement at the dinner table with uniquely shaped cutlery. It adds an element of surprise, and is a perfect way to add an edge to your dinner time.

© Grundig

5. Opt for art

Art and decorative pieces explicitly portray your personality, and are a perfect way to add that edge without redesigning your entire kitchen.

Homemade art is inexpensive and adds that homely and familial touch. Add doodles and drawings, and design the personality into your kitchen!

Put the best work of art in your kitchen: you. Adding a mirror, as a backsplash or framed, puts you in the kitchen and adds a touch of warmth, even for your guests. It also makes your kitchen look bigger, by adding depth.

Paintings are another classic way to bring some art into your kitchen. They add that dash of personality featured in the rest of your home, without effort.

6. Stand out with statement pieces

Statement pieces are the simplest way to inject your personality into your kitchen, and they add that element of surprise that will leave your guests in awe.

Stone sinks, for example, are hardwearing and a practical way to add a unique touch to your kitchen. They never go out of style and are perfect for that shabby chic look.

Make your kitchen cabinets pop with unique handles. Mix and match different styles to reflect every facet of your personality.

Add a vintage cabinet as an addition to traditional décor or as a statement in a modern kitchen. It’s also a wonderful way to add that extra storage.

There you have it – the top tips to distinguish your kitchen from everyone else. It’s all about going with what speaks to you. Your space, after all, is the one true reflection of who you are.