Use brass fittings and fixtures to boost your kitchen style points

Kitchens adorned with warm metallics have something about them. Metals like gold and brass bring something luxurious to the space they’re placed in. And these days, a low-commitment metals like brass are creeping into kitchens everywhere.

When it comes to brass kitchen hardware, form is as important as function, and there is a sea of options. So to navigate your choices, let’s consider the various elements that help bring brass into your kitchen.

Fittings and hardware

The relatively reasonable price tag makes using brass fittings and hardware a low-commitment way to test out the brass trend. Since the variety of brass finishes can be confusing (polished, unlacquered, satin and antique), ordering samples is the best approach to see which styles fit best in your kitchen.

Or, take the no-brainer route and buy brass fixtures and hardware in a satin finish. It’s a contemporary and low-key approach. Avoid polished brass, however, as it’s more throwback Eighties than subtly stylish. For a super quick and inexpensive update, look to brands like Buster + Punch for chic metal handles that will add that luxury touch to a plain kitchen.

© Plykea


Despite all the innovations in modern cookware, including non-stick surfaces and various high-tech aluminums, classic metals like copper and brass are excellent cookware choices in the kitchen – and a practical way to add brass elements to your space. Consider purchasing a selection of brass pots to hang above your kitchen island. It’s not only a practical storage solution, but an effective and striking design element.

© SieMatic

Extractor Hood

Until recently, brass was more associated with country kitchens, rather than the clean, modern kitchens most people have to today. But the brass trend has gained so much momentum, larger kitchen elements are now getting the brass treatment. One such element is the humble extractor hood. When treated with a splash of metal goodness, your kitchen hood suddenly transforms into a striking design piece, rather than just a functional eyesore.

© Matthew Williams

Lamp Holders

The exposed or naked bulb trend has been around for a while. And while hanging pendant bulbs fitted to lamp holders and sockets of chrome, silver and ceramic all look great – nothing quite compares to the touch of elegance that brass offers. Get your hands on a few vintage Edison bulbs, then shop around for the perfect brass fitting to light up your dinner table or kitchen island. Holders come in loads of different shapes, sizes and textures. Keep is simple to make the most impact.

© Rume

Brass Lamp Shades

Another subtle, yet striking brass design detail. People say that lighting fixtures are the jewellery of the kitchen. With brass lamp shades hanging over your kitchen island or dinner table – that’s certainly true. Your options are many – from polished modern shades like the ones below to charmingly faded and vintage covers of yesteryear.

© Nicole Davis Interiors

There are endless possibilities when it comes to bringing touches of brass into your kitchen. The key is to use this stylish metal in moderation to get the most impact. Select only one of the design details above, and incorporate it into your space. For more design ideas, head over here.