For an efficient cooking experience, opt for a commercial-inspired kitchen

When people hear the phrase “commercial kitchen”, most think of cold steel countertops, frantic kitchen staff and an angry chef barking orders. While this scene certainly exists, the true commercial kitchen is much more than just stainless steel appliances and nervous personnel. A perfectly designed commercial kitchen is simply a variety of specific components organised in a particular way to optimise efficiency.

Here’s how to pair the love of home cooking with a kitchen that’s inspired by the pros:

Consider your cooking requirements
When selecting cooking equipment and appliances, consider the requirements of the food you’re most likely to prepare as well as your ability to use the equipment. Although state-of-the-art appliances like computerised deep-fat fryers may sound nice to have, they may not be appropriate for your cooking style or menu. On the other hand, don’t underestimate the benefits that relevant innovative appliances can provide when it comes to ease-of-use and energy efficiency.

Establish flow
Commercial kitchen layouts are built around a focus on workflows and safety. While your requirements are likely scaled down from that of the professionals, there are simple things you can do to create more flow and efficiency in your kitchen. Make sure that the food preparation area (chopping, sorting etc.) is near your storage areas. This allows you to efficiently grab fresh ingredients, prepare them, and move on to the cooking area quickly.

Organise Meal Preparation Areas
The meal cooking area in your small commercial kitchen is the heartbeat of it all. It’s the space where dishes are finished, so here you’ll find the stove, oven and other cooking equipment. Because your creations are finished here, the meal preparation area should be near your dishing point or dinner table.

Optimise the kitchen environment
The staples of any serious commercial kitchen are proper ventilation, good lighting, non-slip floors, and surfaces that can be cleaned and maintained with ease. Keep in mind, almost all designs are built on compromise. A good layout and thoughtful equipment selection will always suit the constraints of the space (as well as your budget).

Remember that when it comes to creating your own personal restaurant kitchen, size really doesn’t matter. If you plan ahead and stay organised, you have almost everything you need to create gourmet meals like the pros. What else is missing? Some Kitchen Design Inspiration.