You don’t need an industrial kitchen to go for an industrial look

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but industrial kitchens can make a huge statement when planned and executed properly. Exposed brick walls and pipes, wood beams, wall-mounted rails and retro-looking appliances are all staples of the industrial kitchen style. It gives one a sense of space and an eclectic feel that creates a cosiness that few other kitchen styles can.

If you like a modern loft-style atmosphere, this could be the kitchen design for you. To ensure your industrial chic kitchen hangs in there, here are 3 key industrial kitchen design characteristics to help you plan your next kitchen renovation.

© Grundig

© Grundig

Open Space

One of the most obvious traits of an industrial kitchen is open space and high ceilings. The rough look has become increasingly popular because of its ‘airy’ nature. Typically, you’ll find brick walls, rustic furniture and exposed pipes and beams in an industrial style kitchen, with appliances often dressed in stainless steel. The rough textures blend perfectly with the smooth steel surfaces to form a harmony.

Material Combination

Simple tips and tricks can add industrial style to your own kitchen ideas. Merge leather furniture with stainless steel – metal floor lamps, bar stools, worktops and appliances will all add to the loft style. Select a toned-down colour palette and pick lighting made from black steel, copper or brass. Concrete worktops will add sleek sophistication and practicality to the space. Reclaimed wood is also a striking material to use for your kitchen island and shelves – adding to the industrial décor.


Rough simplicity

If you have exposed brick or concrete walls, drop the paintbrush and leave them bare. Naked walls are one of the key ingredients to finding the perfect aesthetic balance in the industrial kitchen. Chalkboard is another element you could consider is using. It adds practicality as well as the unfinished look these kitchens are known for. Finally, choose open shelves to add additional style to your industrial kitchen.


Urbanisation has made industrial style is all the rage in interior design. Interior designers love it because it’s edgy and elegant. Homeowners love it because it’s cool and simple to maintain. Find out more about Industrial Kitchen Design or visit our Product Guide to find the perfect appliances for your new space.