Design a kitchen space that will stand the test of time

Your kitchen is at the centre of day-to-day living, so of course, you want it to be everlasting. But it’s not only durability that matters, style is a huge part of creating a kitchen that stands the test of time.

That’s why, when you’re preparing your kitchen design, you need to create a plan that never goes out of style. You only need to keep these 5 simple steps will help you design and commission a kitchen that will never go out of style:

1. Think of a theme
2. Take size into consideration
3. Plan a colour palette
4. Think about functionality
5. Find someone who will make it a reality

Ready to begin? Here’s how to go about it.

Think of a theme

Do you want your kitchen to be modern or traditional? Shaker or sleek? Regal or nautical? It all starts with an idea. Think about what kind of theme you want to go for. It doesn’t have to be really specific at this point, but a general idea about what you want your kitchen to look like will help you out a lot when planning what kind of materials and décor you need to buy for it.

A good place to start if you’re trying to come up with a theme is to think about who is going to be using your kitchen, and how. For example, if you have young kids, you might decide to make the theme more colourful and creative. You could also think about how you want your kitchen to go with the themes in the rest of your home. Do you want your kitchen space to blend in with the rest of the home to look more uniform, or do you want to make it completely different and express yourself differently?

© Dirk Cousaert

Take size into consideration

Look at the size of your kitchen and see how you can make your chosen theme fit best into it. For example, if you’ve planned a country kitchen, think about how you can make the most of that corner and maybe turn it into a cosy, cushiony nook. If you’ve planned a modern kitchen with lots of storage space, think about how you can make that odd little space useful and stylish, such as by turning it into a wine rack. This will be really important in making your kitchen as stylish as it can be because you’re really trying to find ways to make the most out of your kitchen space.

Plan a colour palette

Colours play a huge role in making your kitchen stylish. The size of your kitchen might also help you decide what type of colours you want to use. Lighter colours reflect natural light and can make the room look more spacious, and can be more inviting in comparison to darker colours. Darker colours add more depth and sophistication and are generally easier to maintain and clean if you tend to spill and splatter your way through cooking. You might have already decided a theme which is either similar or different to the rest of your home.

Now that you’re at the point of deciding your colour scheme, you can go to the next level of deciding how much you want your kitchen to look similar or different to the rest of your home. It’s been suggested that certain colours tend to have specific psychological effects, such as calming the mood and encouraging an appetite, so that might be a good place to start if you’re completely stumped for ideas. You could also go creative with paints and pigments, such as creating a chalkboard wall or having a multi-coloured kitchen. The aesthetic is completely up to you.

(c) Leicht Diepoldsau, Switzerland Martin Gepp

Think about functionality

Now it’s time to think about how to make your kitchen useful in the most stylish way possible. Themes and colours all decided it’s time to focus on the smaller details. What will your appliances look like? Will they be sleek silver steel, glossy black, classic white, or any other colour? And how will they function? Will your fancy new faucet have 3 different functions and settings?

This is also the time where any changes to the design will be made to make your kitchen as stylish and functional as possible. You might also find hidden spaces and come up with ideas on how to maximise storage, such as using a lazy susan, having storage behind your backsplash, or creative ways of installing shelving.

© SieMatic

Find someone who will make it a reality

This is it now. Time to make it happen. A stylish kitchen needs to be made carefully and properly, so find someone who will make that a reality. The internet is a great place to find contractors or decorators who will help you out, but remember to read reviews and use your instinct on whether they seem genuine or not. You can also ask them to show you their work, and most will be happy to do so. It’s also handy to have them assess the space and design prior to creating, to see what they think about it and how they envision executing it.

Your stylish kitchen is entirely how you want to make it: you define stylish. Follow these steps to make planning your kitchen design a breeze, and to make your long-lasting, stylish kitchen a reality.