Go for big impact and low budget when adding luxurious marble to your space

A marble-adorned kitchen is luxurious and incredibly beautiful. But let’s be honest, it’s seriously expensive. If you like the look of marble, but don’t agree with the price tag, you have a few options. Read on and find out how you can incorporate real marble into your kitchen with these strategic alternatives.

Grundig VUX marble induction hob. © Designboom

Add a single marble shelf

© Annie Schlechter

A touch of marble when used in combination with solid surfaces can make a considerable impact. Create a single marble shelf and backing to show off your best glassware above your kitchen counter.


Use pre-cut marble

© Aaron Dyer

Pre-cut pieces of marble are cheaper than buying to spec. Scour your local hardware and tiling shop for off-cuts to incorporate into your kitchen. When used with brass brackets, white marble makes a real bold statement.


Install a marble backsplash

© Emily May

When it comes to kitchen design ideas, backsplashes seem to be a hot topic. Why not try a marble tile backsplash in your kitchen? Tiling is considerably cheaper than uniform pieces, and allow you to get creative with the various shapes and patterns.


Get a piece of marble kitchen countertop

Marble kitchen countertops are super pricey, but not when you use only a small piece, right? Create a small baking section as part of your work surface or use a marble rolling board to get the marble effect without paying an arm and a leg.


Opt for marble tiling

© Topps Tiles

When used in moderation, marble tiles are indeed affordable. Dig around Pinterest to find inspiration and consider using tiles near the entrance of a kitchen door