Discover the numerous pros of plants in the kitchen

Filling your home with plant life has many benefits: they are nice to look at, improve air quality, reduce stress, and generally make people happier. Yet, the kitchen often isn’t the first room you think of when picking a spot for your new orchid. Why? With people spending more and more time at home. The kitchen should get more love, and you don’t need a designer to find out how.

The benefits of having plants in the kitchen

Easier breathing – Adding plants to your kitchen space can drastically increase oxygen levels. Orchids and succulents, especially, convert absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen – making them perfect additions to your kitchen.

Water release – Plants expel approximately 97% of the water they’re given. By grouping many plants together in your kitchen, you can increase the humidity of your space and keep respiratory issues on lockdown.

Purifying Air – Plants remove toxins from air, from food smells to garbage bags to harmful kitchen chemicals. Plants purify the air by pulling toxins into the soil and converting it into nutrition.

Sharpening Focus – Plants have been known to make people more attentive and focused when surrounded by them. Adding a few extra plants in your kitchen might even improve your cooking.

How to add more plants to your kitchen