The weather might not always be beach-perfect, but that shouldn’t stop you from bringing the seaside into your home

A coastal kitchen can be the perfect addition to all types of homes. The distinctive beach style captures the sunny serenity of white sands and blue waters combined with nautical nuances. A blend of functionality and personality, the style is perfect for anyone who wants to make their most multifunctional room into their most loved.

Need some design ideas? From the cabinets to the lighting, we’ll tell you how to style a seaside kitchen.

Coastal Colours
When you think of the beach, you think of the blue sea and the sands under your feet. Imagine the scene of your perfect seaside, and imagine yourself in it. Use this as a starting point for designing the colour scheme in your kitchen.The staple colours of a seaside style kitchen are various tones of sea blue and turquoise, and white. The aim of the colours in a seaside kitchen is to make the space look as airy and bright as possible.

White reflects light and blue adds the depth of the ocean. Tones of yellow bring the sun to the space and light beiges bring the sandy warmth. For some texture, add groove or shiplap panelling, or stripes for that extra nautical note. Hand painted assets in your kitchen are ideal for a seaside design. The rustic look, which looks better as it ages is also a perfect way to make your kitchen feel like it’s truly yours.

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The feeling of floors
Think of your kitchen as if it were a vessel in the sea or a beachside chilling spot. Imagine how the floor of these places would look, feel and sound under your feet. Bring the nautical feel to your kitchen with wooden plank flooring. The bare flooring can be coated with paint or varnish to make it easy to clean. Natural wood brings a nice texture to your kitchen, and when walked on, makes a nice sound to really add to the atmosphere.  Earthy tiles can also be ideal because of their hardwearing and easy to clean nature. For a Mediterranean touch, use terracotta tiling.


Lagoon lighting
Beaches are bright and sunny. The sun lies at the heart of the seaside experience, so use it to its full potential in your kitchen! Natural lighting should be plentiful in a coastal kitchen. Keep windows uncovered and unobstructed for the airy feel, which is characteristic of a coastal cooking space. Opt for mesh or net curtains on your windows, or use blinds that are light in colour if you want to maintain your privacy. Using glass shades and fixtures on your lights bring a natural feel to the kitchen, as well as helping to disperse the light beautifully.

Current cabinets
Cabinets create the kitchen. They’re the most important part of the room, both in terms of function and in creating the overall look. Kitchen cabinets in light colours are ideal for the beach style kitchen design. Rustic metal detailing brings the sailor sentiment to your beach kitchen, as well as being strong and easy to clean. For counters, stick to natural materials, such as wood or light coloured granite. A shiny finish reflects light, whilst a matte finish touches on the sailor, boat look.

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As the centre of your kitchen, kitchen islands are important in reflecting the beach look. Make them stand out from the rest of the space by having them in a different colour. Blue and white hues are ideal, but don’t be afraid to go for a woody brown.

Take a dive with décor
It’s the small touches that make a house a home, and it’s the décor that makes the coastal kitchen yours. Anchors and fishes are typical symbols of the seaside life. But if you don’t want to embellish your kitchen in the beach feel so overtly, subtle touches can make your kitchen have that elevated look, whilst still sticking to the theme.Décor in your seaside design kitchen should be a reflection of your personality, with a beachy touch.

Personalise with plenty of DIY décor. From wooden photo frames to rustic prints hanging by rope, adorn the room with pictures of the family or inspiring quotes. Glass décor, such as bottles and vases are a prefect way to amplify the natural light, when placed strategically. Fill with coloured sands or shells for that hint of seaside art. Bring the ocean into your kitchen with marine life themed touches, such as napkin holders or hangers for cups. Furnishings with stripes add the nautical feel, along with hues of blue.