Luxuriously large kitchens spaces

Sure, not everyone is blessed with enough space for a huge, sprawling kitchen. But some do. It goes without saying that the kitchen is an important space. It’s the heart of the home. The hub that brings together so many daily activities – cooking, cleaning, eating, socialising – if you have the room for it, why not take full advantage and embrace a big kitchen?

What many homeowners tend to forget though, is that planning and plotting a large kitchen space if often just as tricky as laying out a small kitchen. Selecting a layout for a huge kitchen space is a big design decision that will determine how the kitchen is used. It’s the layout – not colour, style or design details – that dictate how you will prepare food, eat and socialise in the space. That’s why the choice of where to place appliances, the sink, the cabinets, the worktops, the windows and doors, and kitchen furniture, are all super important in order to harness an effective large kitchen. If you’re building a brand new kitchen, you are in the envious position of choosing your layout based on your needs and desires. If you’re renovating, it’s likely you’re stuck with the layout – as is.

Either way – we’ve put together a gallery of images that will help kickstart your journey toward the kitchen of your dreams.