Televisions in the kitchen are making a comeback

Having a TV in the kitchen is becoming more and more popular again. Once a must-have in the 90’s, kitchen TV’s today have become much more niche. But why? While many people veer toward a world of less distractions at home, a television in your kitchen can actually have many positive benefits.

Let’s take a look why you should consider installing a television in your kitchen in the near future:

It’s not tacky anymore

Some people consider a TV in the kitchen a no-no that clutters up the space and disrupts the clean appearance of the kitchen. This simply isn’t true anymore. Modern televisions are sleek, inconspicuous, and often, technological works of art. Flat screen televisions can easily be mounted to walls, or even installed into cabinets to save space. You want something that can blend in. And modern TVs are certainly capable of doing that. While televisions of yesteryear might have been tacky – modern entertainment systems simply don’t have the same stigma anymore.

Good way to start your day

For most people, time is of the essence in the morning. So adding a little multitasking entertainment is a good way to start each day the right way. By having a TV in your kitchen, you can watch the morning news and weather over a cup of coffee or breakfast. It’s not the same as watching the tube from the living room. Being able to prep your hot beverages and cook your meals with your favourite channel on in the background saves time and gets your mind right for the day ahead.

Great when you’re alone

Granted, having the whole family watch TV while ‘socialising’ in the kitchen is less than ideal. There are of course moments when you find yourself alone in the kitchen. It’s in these moments that having a handy entertainment device nearby is worth while. If you’re cooking pasta or something that you need to keep an eye on in the kitchen, you can watch an interesting documentary, catch up on series, or learn something new while waiting for your food. By cooking and taking in entertainment at the same time, leaves a lot more time for other tasks when you’re done.

A televisions draws a crowd

Having your favourite cooking show running in the background while you prepare your meals is an obvious but great perk of having a television in your kitchen. It might not only draw you closer to the kitchen, but others too. With a TV in the kitchen, you’re more likely to have an extra set of hands help out with cooking. Televisions sets (especially HD ones) have a way of luring people to it. Expect more people in any kitchen when there’s a TV around.

When opting for a television in your kitchen, it’s important to know why you have it there in the first place. Regulating its use will be a wise decision. It’s your kitchen after all, and socialising over shared meals should always be your main priority. Happy watching.