Tip the scales in your favour with the Grundig Bluetooth Body Analyser Sensimeter Scale.

If you want to lose weight, track your training progress or aim for perfect health, you need the tools to measure results. Sure, your average bathroom scale can keep track of your weight, but what about body fat percentage, muscle mass and bone density? The Grundig Body Analyser scale is more than just a scale – it connects to your phone to track all your crucial body analysis results so you can make the necessary adjustments to reach your goals.

The Grundig Bluetooth Body Analyser Sensimeter Scale is hardly just a body scale. It’s an innovative piece of technology capable of providing vital body composition statistics that help indicate what decisions you need to make to your lifestyle or workout routine.


The Bluetooth Body Analyser measures more than just your body weight. It uses highly sensitive stainless steel electrodes to detect:

Precise Body Fat Percentage: Keeping an eye on your body fat percentage is crucial to maintaining perfect health.
Body Water Weight: Having a healthy water weight helps you burn fat while staying hydrated and healthy .
Muscle Mass: Tracking muscle mass indicates whether you’re burning fat or healthy muscle mass.
Bone Density: Severe weight fluctuations may negatively affect bone density.

This technological marvel also measures your BMI and BMR indicators and pushes all data to the Grundig Sensimeter App.


The Grundig Bluetooth Body Analyser is the first iOT device within SDA Wellness category. Simply connect your Body Analyser to the Grundig Sensimeter App via Bluetooth for a full visual overview of your body analysis results. review the results at home or on the move, and make adjustments to your routine accordingly.

Using all your data together gives you an accurate full overview of your health – making the Grundig Bluetooth Body Analyser Sensimeter Scale a must-have in any home.

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