Our new washing machine drum made from recycled bottles

Though it often resides in our kitchens, it’s strange to think of our washing machine as a kitchen appliance. However, washing machines like the models that house our new GRUNDIG Recycled PET Drum, are a whole lot more than just contraptions that clean our clothes. It’s a range of innovative, high-tech home appliances designed to help create the next generation of sustainable homes. It’s a lofty statement, but it holds water.

As a brand that’s committed to developing technologically advanced products – not only to satisfy consumer demands – but to protect the world’s diminishing resources, GRUNDIG recently unveiled this ground-breaking washing machine drum technology.

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What is the Recycled PET Drum for Washing Machines?

Our new GRUNDIG Recycled PET drum for washing machines is a plastic drum made of recycled plastic bottles. It’s designed to save energy by reducing the production of harmful plastic bottles. As each drum is made of 60 of these recycled PET plastic bottles. It’s estimated that within the first phase of production, 6.6 million bottles annually will be recycled to produce this ground-breaking technology. The result is a total energy saving of 5.7 million kWh per year.

Globally, the average household today uses approximately 3,353 kWh of energy per year, and so the energy saved from the first phase of production of the Recycled PET drum equates to the yearly energy consumption of approximately 1,700 homes. By recycling these PET plastic bottles, carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced by a whopping 885 tonnes per year.

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It’s all just a small part of the bigger picture. Aiming to ensure sustainable future homes, GRUNDIG increasingly focuses on innovative, functional, easy to use, smart and connected appliances, and the use of recycled materials. Our Respect Food technologies and initiatives are evidence of our continued efforts to promote sustainability.

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