Turn your kitchen into a dream space with the right island style

While having a kitchen island at home may seem all but a dream, especially if you’re tight on space, it’s likely you can still get a slice of paradise with some careful planning and design trickery. It’s not only a beautiful addition to a kitchen, if maximised to its full potential, a kitchen island can in fact be a real space saver in that it has storage potential in abundance and provides a further cooking and prep zone.


A kitchen island with plenty of storage space is ideal for smaller-sized kitchens. (c) hansenkitchen.com

Small space? Store smart! Plenty of kitchens suffer from too little (or inefficient use of) space. Whether it’s counter or storage space that’s the issue, a kitchen island is an ideal solution. Regardless of size, any island will provide more counter space, however new storage solutions for appliances and cookware is the most compelling feature. While drawers and cupboards have been included in islands for ages, ‘secret spaces’ like microwave nooks, wine racks, rollaway cutting board units and pull-out shelves are some of the new ways designers are upping the island ante.

If you’re really strapped for space, then consider investing in a model with open shelving. Not only will this kitchen island style provide more storage space, but will contribute to a more spacious look in your kitchen – just don’t overfill the shelves with clutter.

If you’re lucky enough to have plenty of kitchen space, take your island to the next level and kit it out with appliances. Installing a hob into your island is an obvious first choice as it places a key culinary tool in a central location. As induction hobs become common, this is a safer option for family homes with small children due to the lack of open flame and fast cooling properties. There are also more creative appliance options that can be installed into a kitchen island, like wine coolers, refrigeration drawers and even Teppenyaki grills.

Also, when the kitchen is at the heart of a family home, enhancing an island with additional seating and a breakfast bar is the perfect way to encourage the family to spend time together. Most kitchen island styles will accommodate chairs or stools, so optimise this opportunity. Not only will kids get a kick out of spending time with you while you’re making dinner, it is an ideal place for them to spend time with their homework – under your watch!