Meet the Italian kitchen studios heating up the design world

Rolling hills, vineyards, warm breezes, delicious wines, even better food. If there’s one type of kitchen that signifies a laid-back life, it’s the Italian kitchen style. With its rich, traditional colours, the Italian kitchen style is what some might call ‘worn’, and what others might call ‘warm’. It’s an environment that’s often rather rustic, but not necessarily. Inspired by the region, warm colours infuse every aspect of the style.

And when it comes to design, fluid architecture is a core feature. The end result is a luscious and relaxed look, free from sharp corners and cold materials. In a typical Italian kitchen, even tiles should feel as though their sharp edges have softened and their precise corners have been buffed over time to a now rounded point.

We’ve covered studios in Germany, Czech Republic and Romania, now let’s explore the Italian kitchen design studios making a splash down in the Mediterranean.