Update these 3 key kitchen elements to create your own Nordic paradise

Scandinavian kitchen style. Its minimalism ensures it is accessible to everyone. Its functionality makes it practical for everyday living. Its simplicity can be achieved by anyone in any space.

These features translate particularly well into the kitchen, where functionality and practicality tends to trump ornate design and fussy décor. As such, interior designers have made the Scandinavian design style a kitchen favourite – applying it in a variety of ways that interpret its three key features differently.

Minimal colour palate
A fair few days in the Scandinavian calendar are dominated by their darkness, so you can be sure that Scandinavian kitchen design style focuses on a light and bright colour palate. White and pale shades of blue, yellow and cream are omnipresent. To update this minimal palate for 2016 / 2017 however, try pale grey-greens and greys. With its farmhouse and cottage origins, pale grey-greens ground the lofty Scandinavian style. Pale shades of grey will give a kitchen a downtown edge without making the space too dark.

scandinavian style kitchens

Pale shades of grey will give a kitchen a downtown Scandinavian edge. © Leicht

Functional worktops
In its simplest form, the Scandinavian kitchen is functional. You can be sure that worktops are made of materials that are durable, yet natural and light – like wood. Butcher’s block, with its light colouring and natural graining is a clear leader in this regard. However, in 2016 / 2017 other materials are coming into play. Concrete worktops are an obvious alternative as they have a minimalist look and natural feel. Premium laminates are also an option as they can mimic the organic colour and graining of real wood worktops, but with increased durability and decreased cost.

scandinavian style kitchens - grundig

Concrete worktops are give Scandinavian kitchens a minimalist look and natural feel. © Leicht

Natural Woods
In the Scandinavian kitchen design style, furniture is meant to be used. Reclaimed, vintage, or brand new, nothing adds practicality and warmth to a modern nordic kitchen quite like wooden furnishings. Oak, maple and pine, stained naturally to bring forth their natural colour, are all ideal additions for Scandinavian style to a modern space.

Wood adds practicality and warmth to a modern nordic kitchen. © Bent Ren Synnevg

These are just the tip of the iceberg. Scandinavian interior design is one of the most significant and everlasting for good reason. Not quite your cup of tea? Head to Kitchen Styles for a more comprehensive overview of the kitchen designs making waves in modern homes.