If your kitchen is going to get a facelift this year, your appliances won’t get left behind

One of the hottest trends you’ll notice in 2018 is grey-toned home appliances in a dark brushed steel finish. Stainless steel home appliances have ruled the marketplace for quite some time, so seeing a special finish come into play isn’t that surprising. Traditionally, home appliance brands try to incorporate a much broader variety of tones in the kitchen these days.

Even interest in former “must have” commercial hobs seem to be decreasing a little. A lot more homeowners want to include induction cooktops with separate single wall ovens. This trend can come at a price, compared to industrial options and they usually take up more space. However, as with a lot of kitchen trends, it’s all about aesthetics.

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Modifications are also a common theme in the world of oven choices. Steam ovens are quickly becoming the new “must-have” appliances. They cook food a lot quicker and keep food vitamins and flavour better than conventional ovens. Do you have space restrictions? Then think about getting a French door wall oven. Many come equipped with Bluetooth so that you can control the oven functions remotely from your smartphone. So if you’re caught in traffic, stress no more.

Here are some more kitchen appliance trends we’re bound to see more of in 2018:

1. Bigger LCD digital interfaces

Now your stove can communicate with your smartphone through a big LCD digital interface. What would that look like exactly? Simply plug in a recipe and the stove will take it from there. It’ll preheat the oven to suit the recipe’s specifications and cooking for the perfect amount of time.

2. Whole home connected hubs

Nobody wants several applications to control each appliance in their home. Many manufacturers are now trying to make their products more appealing to the mass market by using open technology structures. That way, people can interact with their home equipment from a universal platform. GRUNDIG’s own HomeWhiz technology is a prime example of how far this technology has come.

3. Pre-soak and scrub tubs in washing machines

New washing machines are making stain removal much simpler than ever. Imagine that in just 120 minutes, a 1kg load of laundry is perfectly clean and ready to wear – dried and everything. The GRUNDIG GWN 48430 CR Washing Machine is the first washing machine to circulate warm air to make your clothes ready to wear. Frankly, it’s the future of laundry.

4. Better diagnostics and remote monitoring for problems

It’s easier than ever before to get peace of mind whilst you’re on holiday or at work, knowing your appliances are buzzing as they should be. Some washing machines have water sensors built into them and will alert you when a leak happens — or even before.

5. Eco-Friendly hybrid water heaters

Hybrid water heater units combine the technology of a tankless water heater with the performance of a storage tank. By using electricity to transport heat from a different source instead of creating the heat with natural gas power or electrically, the average household can save lots of cash every year.


6. More metallic finishes

Even though there is a wide range of steel finishes for appliances, the most trendy colour is slate, and the trendiest finish is matte. Refrigerators are top of the list in this trend, simply because they’ve got more space, but other appliances are following suit so you can complete the look.

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7. Industrial-quality hobs

As a reaction for the increasing number of people trying to be home chefs (as opposed to just meal-makers), there are more expert-quality home cooking appliances available for the kitchen. This means new trends like robust knobs, precision in heating and large grated burner plates. And it doesn’t end there. Extraction is getting just as much attention as hobs. GRUNDIG’s induction air system is located not above, but beside the hob.

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8. Accessibility and visibility in refrigerators

New refrigerators (and the technology in them) are all about convenience and accessibility. From smaller doors inside the main doors so you don’t have to open the whole fridge when all you simply need is a drink, to LED lighting illuminating every square centimetre on the inside. Some fridges like the ones with GRUNDIG OdourFresh+ Technology reduces up to 90% of undesirable smells without generating harmful gasses or employing chemicals. How exactly? By intelligently pairing a specially-coated filter and UV LEDs, the technology effectively neutralises nose-wrinkling molecules


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9. Four-door refrigerators

A four-door refrigerator is all about purpose — no longer just aesthetics. You can easily alter one of the compartments, turning it from a fridge into a freezer and back again, depending on your needs. Many new fridges are also fitted with specialised wine-cooler compartments.


10. Three-rack dishwashers

Dishwashers have always been basically the same size. However, now we are seeing a more state-of-the-art use of that space. A few new dishwashers have larger tubs with three racks for more efficient loading and utensil washing. Added to this, dishwashers are becoming a lot more efficient. With its A+ energy rating and low water consumption, a dishwasher like the Grundig GNV 41810 Dishwasher is a standout. It only takes six litres of water to wash a full family load of dishes. If it all sounds a bit complicated – here’s a handy guide to help you select the perfect dishwasher.


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11. New Oven Technology

Many new smart ovens are equipped with advanced connected technologies and sensors allowing you to precisely control the temperature of your food as it cooks. The Grundig Gourmet Chef Smart Oven, for example, includes a moisture and oxygen sensor, a temperature control sensor and BLDC motor, an integrated camera and a multipoint meat probe to ensure the best results. The Gourmet Chef oven also features a 7” Touch TFT Display that allows you to control these in-oven smart functions, making monitoring and adjustments to the cooking process super easy.