Roundup of all kitchen design happenings from around the web in October

In this new series, we share some of the inspirational links, stories and features we found around the internet during the last month. See this selection as your own personal curated list of resources to inspire your next kitchen renovation.

GRT Architects creates New York office with millennial-pink kitchen and dark “nap room”
When considering all the colours one can possible use in the kitchen, pink wouldn’t be high on the list. But somehow GRT Architects have managed to pink to great effect in this New York office kitchen.

© Nicole Franzen

StudioAC inserts plywood unit complete with dog bed into Toronto home
Plywood is a trendy kitchen material. This house in Toronto, Canada uses the material to perfection – complete with a sleeping area for the family dog as the focal point.

© Sarjoun Faour

Putting a Designer’s Polish on Ikea Products
Reform are making waves again. This time, the Danish designers are featured in the New York Times. Find out more about Reform and their beautiful IKEA -hacked kitchens by watching their K!TCHN Stories video.

© LOOP Agentur

Bonus Links

Sneaky Kitchen Design Ideas That’ll Save You Serious Money
A kitchen remodel or renovations is no small matter. Despite the effort that goes into such and endeavour, new kitchens are a notoriously expensive investment. Apartment Therapy shares some secrets to keeping our budget manageable.

What comes first – appliances or the kitchen design?
It’s an age-old questions still surrounded in myth. Do you first settle on an overall kitchen design, and then find appliances to match. Or do you purchase your goods first and build around them? Elizabeth Clarke tackles the issue.

This Gorgeous Loft Reno Makes Magic From Everyday Raw Materials
Plywood, metal mesh and copper pipes. This stunning kitchen is kitted with the most raw, inexpensive materials you’re likely to find in a kitchen setting. See how it all comes together in this airy kitchen.

Global Flavors: 13 Gorgeous Kitchens from All Around the World
Apartment Therapy go on a world tour to find unique kitchens located in various spots around the world. From Morocco to Argentina, Sweden to Australia, find out where their kitchen design trip takes them.