Domestic bliss follows the installation of the world’s first A-class sound quality hood

Traffic, smartphone notifications, neighbouring conversations, household appliances and music! Like it or not, noise (pleasant or otherwise) permeates every aspect of our lives. Quiet moments are a hot commodity and not easy to come by.


The silent Grundig cooking hood comes in several colours, effortlessly blending in with your kitchen decor. (c)

What do you do when you simply crave quiet time? Go to your new peaceful kitchen! With a few décor, appliance and lifestyle tweaks, it has the potential to become a near-silent sanctuary in the centre of your castle.

To combat unwanted noise pollution in the home, your kitchen décor can be updated to incorporate a range of sound-dampening items. A cork floor for example, is not only great for sound absorption but continues to be a trendy flooring material. A lower commitment path to a peaceful kitchen is the inclusion of more textiles. This does not mean you should pile pillows on top of your dining chairs, but rather add area rugs with padded backing.

Even though appliances are often major culprits of unpleasant noise production in the home, investing quality appliances that produce pleasant sounds is a sure-fire way to improve your quality of life. The Grundig GDK 5775 BXB Wall Mounted Hood for example, produces some real ear candy! Optimisation of the hood’s software algorithm and improved insulation design has resulted in a sleek and modern hood with decreased frequency and a volume of 53 dBA. The final result being that the Grundig Wall Mounted Hood is the world’s first to be given class-A sound quality certification. If that wasn’t enough, these innovations have also improved Grundig’s impressive ventilation capacity and filtering performance!

Finally, to achieve a truly peaceful kitchen take time to unplug. As the heart of your home, your kitchen really should be the one space where you have full permission to disconnect and relax. Dinner is a great opportunity for family and friends to enjoy each other’s company in a comfortable and quiet setting. For a sedate dinner, disable your phone notifications, turn off the TV, light some candles and make an effort to really enjoy your food and some good conversation.