5 quick décor fixes for any kitchen

When your kitchen design has seen better days, but you’re low on time, commitment or resources, why not try a quick kitchen décor fix?

1) Swap out your lighting.

If you do nothing else to update your kitchen décor on a dime, change the lighting. It’s the surest first step in creating a space you love. To create a new focal point over your dining table, replace unflattering fluorescents with stylish pendant lights. If you’re up for a little DIY, try adding lighting underneath your cabinets.

2) Paint the floors or, add a rug.

Outdated hardwood flooring can really take a toll on your kitchen’s style points, so a great option is painting them. White, or pale grey are always timeless selections.

On the other hand, if you’re not up for the DIY, or do not have hardwood floors, adding an area rug is an easy way to spice things up. To keep your kitchen design on-point and add a seriously bold pop of colour, invest in an over-dyed vintage Turkish rug.

3) Update your small appliances.

The saying “go big, or go home” need not apply to every quick kitchen décor fix. It’s just not always the right time to invest in major appliances. If this is the case, why not swap out the small appliances that you’ve been accumulating since college with a new set in a coordinated colour palate? Grundig Breakfast Sets and Kitchen Helpers come in several colour collections that make getting everything you need, in one colour scheme, easy.

4) Hide unattractive countertops.

This is a particularly useful quick kitchen décor fix if you are renting. Many apartments still come with cheap laminate worktops. To mitigate this with low effort, invest in an impressive cutting board of bamboo, or square ends of hardwood (a local wood is a great option for those looking for an environmentally sound product).

5) Change-up your cabinet hardware.

If there’s nothing technically wrong with your cabinets, but they’re just not “you”, change out the hardware for something that speaks to your tastes. To update bland builder-grade hardware to a modern look, install satin steel or brushed brass pull handles. Coloured knobs add a touch of playfulness to an otherwise neutral space. Just ensure you know how many pieces of hardware you need before you buy. It adds up quickly!