Spanish interior design duo Tamara Delgado and José Hernández of Escenium Design in Madrid lets us in on their philosophy and the keys to good kitchen design

Innovate to make the world more beautiful. That’s the code that Escenium Design was founded upon. Designers Tamara Delgado and José Hernández harness this mission to satisfy their discerning customers with the most exquisite architecture by designing truly unique kitchens.

Escenium was created with only one objective, which is to create something very different from what is usually seen in the market, especially in the world of kitchen furniture. We seek without generating a trend to create something completely different.

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Their style can be defined as sculptural and monolithic, with a focus on primary forms. For Tamara and José, the craft lies in combining finishes and textures that transform into new shapes that stimulate the imagination and tickle the senses.

At its core, Escenium Design is an idea laboratory, an observatory of new trends, but not necessarily a follower. It’s a company that believes that space is more than just dimensions. It’s more than materials, appliances, cabinetry and lighting. It’s an area where you may find your inner space. A sanctuary of sorts. “Nowadays, the kitchen adapts more to the shape of the living room and every time the kitchens have to look less like a kitchen. It’s more integrated into the architecture of the home. In reality, the kitchen has gone from being in a secondary aspect to becoming the protagonist element in the home,” says José. In other words, the kitchen is becoming the heart of the home.

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The kitchen has gone from being in a secondary aspect to becoming the protagonist element in the home.

When looking at their designs as a whole, Escenium breaks away from the formal. Straight lines are liberated and geometry is challenged. The interior design company is one that likes to experiment and create spaces that move fluidly. They are about combining, layering, connecting materials, shapes and colours, redefining basic products and functions for specific uses. It feels like a collage process. The result is a design articulated around strong moments or connection points that are graphic, functional, and structural.

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The materials we are using, such as natural stone, glass or precious woods: these are materials that can be perfectly integrated into the main areas of a home.

What’s clear is that Tamara and José constantly strive to push the boundaries of what’s possible in kitchen design. They incorporate huge slabs of stone and other materials, fitting them both horizontally and vertically to give the designs a unique, geometric appearance. It’s all carefully crafted. Doors, drawers and worktops are all perfectly aligned.

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The combination of experience, craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology all come together to form a kitchen that invites you to touch and actually work with the surfaces.