Blogger and writer Niki Brantmark invites us into her beautiful Scandinavian kitchen

As the woman behind wildly popular lifestyle and design blog “My Scandinavian Home”, Niki Brantmark knows a thing or two about Scandi-inspired interior design. Originally from London, Niki moved to Sweden more than a decade ago and now lives with her family in a beautiful house by the sea.

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My Scandinavian Home followed a few years later – founded on a simple vision: “to inspire like-minded people with ethereal Scandinavian inspired homes, often with a vintage or industrial touch.” The content of her blog takes the form of DIY ideas, latest trends, home tours, products and exciting giveaways.

When designing her kitchen, her aim was to bring light into the space: “When we first moved into this house it was very dark. So the first thing we did was totally lighten up the entire house. The homes [in Scandinavia] really center around this and focus on drawing in as much light in as possible.”

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Featuring a white wall of sleek cabinets, which she fell in love with and kept, Niki’s kitchen is open and inviting. She added in lots of other elements like open shelving, a kitchen island and hooks for hanging utensils she needed close at hand.

The result of Niki’s interior mastery is a perfect representation of Scandinavian living – an effortlessly comfortable space, yet clean and minimalist. Elements like glass, wood and clay bring a natural quality to the kitchen typical of its Swedish surroundings. The subtle disparity that the natural elements create ensure the space is minimalistic, without seeming too sterile.

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For Niki, Scandinavian style has become her life. Her 2nd book, The Scandinavian Home explores homes all throughout Scandinavia, and the characteristics that they all share. “They share this love of nature, second-hand finds and a lot of vintage – and making a home over time. Getting items that tell a story.”

What’s clear when visiting Niki’s beautiful kitchen, is that there is a heart and soul to the space. It’s a kitchen designed for living. And that’s ultimately what we all should strive for. It’s not just about creating a pretty space, but a space design for the way you live. For more of Niki’s space, check out the gallery below: