A gallery of images that showcase the diversity of kitchen tiles

If you’re in the process of renovating or designing a new kitchen, chances are you’ve given some thought to kitchen tiles. Of all the rooms in the home, kitchens give tiles the perfect canvas to flourish. It can be tempting to dial back the costs when selecting fitting your kitchen, and tiles often don’t make the cut. With so many alternatives out there, who can blame you? But before you head into the worlds of laminates, woods and wallpapers, consider what valued tiles can add to your space not only today but in the future.

Before you can consider whether you really want or need tiles in your kitchen, you need to take a look at the surfaces where it could be applied. Tiles are often used as pops of character when applied to the backsplash behind the stove or beneath the upper cabinets. Modern tiling is also a wildly popular choice for countertops, and of course, the floors. It may seem obvious, but taking a moment to decide where your tiles will be applied, will spare plenty of drama in deciding if you really want them.

Available in infinite shapes, sizes and applications, choosing tile for your kitchen is often a daunting experience though. Luckily, we’ve compiled a handy gallery that showcases some of the many applications of tiles in the kitchen. Have a browse and get inspired for your renovation.