“White has always been my favourite colour, because it provides this perfect basis for any kind of decoration.”

German lifestyle blogger Joanna Goetz is no stranger to exploring the many ways we can make our everyday lives better. So, when she was designing her kitchen she made use of her expertise in good living to create an urban, yet rustic kitchen space that spoke to her family’s lifestyle.

Using her favourite colour, white, Joanna created a kitchen design that has the feeling of a Caribbean beach house, but not the look. With a white island, white walls, white cabinetry and white dishes on white shelves, Joanna has created an open and airy space. To create warmth, she placed rustic wooden collector’s pieces throughout the room.

When it comes down to it, the combination of high-style minimalism with earthy wooden pieces is a reflection of Joanne herself: sophisticated, yet down-to-earth. And, that is the precisely the point! Whether you’re doing a full renovation, or are just redecorating your kitchen, ultimately it should reflect who you are. Not just your design tastes, but how you and your family live.