“I’m a big lighting person when it comes to interior design, because I think it can make or break an interior.”

Almas Shamsee knows that it doesn’t matter how lovely your kitchen cabinets or kitchen décor finishes are, if they are not lit correctly, you’re not going to get the best out of them. The London-based interior designer should know. Having worked with clients from all over the world in this global hub, she’s invested much of her time into creating kitchen designs that follow a variety of styles – and price points. A kitchen could be 100% bespoke and expensive, or done with a budget top of mind, and it doesn’t matter: lighting is always the equaliser.

When the lighting is in place however, a kitchen design can really come to life. Though she doesn’t have a signature style per se, Almas broadly prefers the classic/contemporary kitchen design style. It’s timeless and can be adapted to suit the unique qualities of a client in any number of ways. As far as she is concerned, it’s up to the designer to trust their instincts and use their knowledge and expertise to interpret the client’s wishes into a space that seamlessly fits into their home, and lifestyle.