“It’s important to feel well in your home.”

Ten years ago, the French were not particularly fussed about interior design. Spending money on things like clothes, or cars had a higher priority. However, French interior designer Brigitte Lipka has seen a big change recently. Now people are investing in their homes, and kitchens are high priority. With the increasing interest in kitchen design, she feels that the designer is responsible for creating kitchens that are relevant to the needs of the client. That means employing a signature style that is clean and maximises space.

Brigitte’s signature style is about these simple things, and more. For her, kitchen design should never be overdone. Kitchen décor should be elegant, but soft. Straight lines achieved with built-in kitchen appliances, and clean surfaces created by ceiling-height kitchen cabinets keep things modern and practical. However, she knows that a home should also be warm and cosy. In that case she regularly uses materials like wood or muted colours to create comfort.

Though always focussed on telling the client’s story through design, Brigitte is committed to making her visions into liveable and loveable kitchens.