“I like a functional space; simple, but with personality.”

It takes a certain level of daring to live in a foreign country. It takes an entirely new level to design interiors there as well! But, that is precisely what Columbian-born interior designer Cristina Mejia is doing in Prague. It’s probably what influences her “no-limits” approach to kitchen design as well. For Cristina it’s been quite an achievement to do what she believes is right in a country that is not her own, and make the lives of others easier and better along the way.

And, she has done so beautifully. Aside from functionality, simplicity and personality, Cristina’s kitchens are designed for comfortable socialisation and easy-going interaction. It’s a bohemian approach that makes use of a simple and clean base – like traditional laminate kitchen cabinets – and is complemented with natural materials. Kitchen accessories made of wood, tactile fibres and stone create personality in simple ways. Combining texture and colour like this awakens the senses and speaks to homeowners.