“Every kitchen is a story.”

For Rome-based architect Filippo Bombace, the most essential a factor in a kitchen design is that it is part of a larger concept – the home of a client. From the needs of the client comes a design that is simple and linear. For Filippo, pure design relieves the cognitive burden on the homeowner, making the home a sanctuary, free from the distractions that fill our public lives. In essence, the more closely the client is listened to, the simpler the design.

The focus is always on order, which can be created by a white colour scheme complemented by warm woods and vintage items. A rhythm is created by a series of essentialist features like smooth lines, a low base and elements spaced 60 centimetres apart. And, since the kitchen is just one element of a total home design, it is also important to find an opening that will allow the kitchen and living space to communicate. For Filippo, this increases the sense of unity between people in a home, and the conviviality of the kitchen.