“To bring personality into your house, your home, takes years.”

When embarking on a new kitchen design, what would interior designer Katrine Martensen-Larsen’s advice be? Take your time. To truly make a kitchen a part of your home, to give it authentic personality, you must have the patience to carefully curate interesting pieces over time. It doesn’t matter if trends and styles change over the years. An eclectic collection of kitchen accessories that you love will make your space more unique than any kitchen designer can. In Katrine’s kitchen that means making use of hand painted kitchen cabinetry, vintage lamps and delicate tea sets.

To create the basis for such unique pieces however, requires the right backdrop. The trick to creating a great kitchen design is to spend a lot of time planning. In Katrine’s case, such preparation includes the development of mood boards with her clients, using a variety of materials that she has collected and stored. In her material boxes you’ll find woods, leathers, metals, stones, tiles, whatever it takes to get her clients deeply involved in the kitchen décor planning process. The result? A long and growing list of very satisfied customers.