“This is a communication space.”

As managing director of Austria’s Steininger Designers, if there is one thing that Martin Steininger knows about a kitchen, it’s that it’s the most important room in the home. It’s where everything seems to happen: the family comes together to cook and talk, and where friends come to drink wine and hang out. In fact, it’s Martin’s insight, coupled with three generations of design and carpentry expertise that make Steininger kitchens amongst the most desirable in the world.

Though admittedly not known as a “design country”, according to Martin the people of Austria are highly receptive to new design and open to trying new things in their kitchens. That’s where Steininger’s traditional craftsmanship combined with innovative materials and modern aesthetic come into play. Inspired by its natural Alpine surroundings and travel abroad, the kitchens that Steininger makes are minimalistic, architectural, monolithic and pure. Using a diverse number of materials like concrete, metal, ceramic and stone to great effect, you can be sure that this game changing brand is a key player in driving forward sustainable design as well.