“It’s all about making the most of a space. The lines are blurred between the dining areas and the kitchen areas.”

Having had a lifelong passion for interior design, it’s no surprise that Dublin’s Roisin Lafferty is so in-tune with what homeowners want in a kitchen: space maximisation. To achieve this, Roisin is dedicated to embracing every space and does what is needed to enhance it. A large central kitchen island is a key way to create a clean and seamless finish.

However, kitchen design for space maximisation is not about achieving showroom perfection.  Great kitchen design can be achieved by employing materials and accessories in ways that create usable areas, which reflect you and your family. For example, industrial brass fixtures add character and mirrors create light and the illusion of space.

Kitchens are a big investment and need to last for years, so people tend to be cautious with their kitchen décor decisions. However, Roisin suggests that you push yourself – just a little – so that the space ultimately reflects your personality.