With the increase of loft-living style, the l-shaped kitchen is making a comeback

As home living becomes more and more casual, the traditional dining room is less in demand. Open plan living, with its united kitchen and living areas, is more popular than ever and interior designers are looking to lofts for inspiration on how to make the most of the space. The loft is finally making its way from the warehouse conversion to our more traditional homes.

What’s the best kitchen layout for an open plan home?

(c) Leicht

(c) Leicht

The l-shaped kitchen layout is an ideal configuration for the open plan home and has been in use in lofts for ages. It has two walls of kitchen cabinets and appliances, leaving the rest of the floor open to the united dining and living space. Perfect for entertaining with friends and perfect for eating in with family, the l-shaped kitchen design may be one of the best kitchen layouts for open plan homes.

For home entertaining, the l-shape is a great kitchen layout because you really can’t have too many cooks in the kitchen. The openness created by placing appliances and cabinets on two walls creates a generous and convivial space for cooking traffic. In other words, your friends will have plenty of space to hang out. The loft feeling is enhanced if you add a sleek island with toe kick underlighting, black surfaces and a white worktop. Increase the cool factor with plenty of seating and clusters of trendy glass ball pendant lighting. To increase the island’s functionality, add an induction hob.

For eating in with the family, an l-shaped kitchen layout can be enhanced with the inclusion of a dinette set. Many builders are forgoing the inclusion of a dining room as people have busier more practical lives, and increasingly opt for more living space. For a loft experience, even though you may be living in the suburbs, consider a contemporary design that would not be out of place in an urban environment. Sleek lines and unembellished chairs are ideal. To keep some of the tradition alive, use a warm wood like oak or walnut.