Here’s why you should embrace Oriental rugs in the kitchen

Aside from the bathroom, there is no area in the home where having a rug has proved to be such a heated topic. Rest assured that the pros of having a kitchen area rug more than outweigh the perceived cons.

Aside from hiding a dated, or rough looking kitchen floor, an area rug (and particularly a Persian one) can provide a much-needed pop of colour a kitchen. They can also add organic texture to an otherwise sleek kitchen. Positioning the rug in front of your main workspace is a solid ergonomic decision. Kitchen area rugs ease the pressure placed on your feet, back and joints while you stand to cook, or do other chores.

Still not convinced? These reasons to buy and cleaning tips will convince you to embrace the Persian rug life.

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Why buy Persian?

There is no shortage of rug styles to suit any kitchen décor or personal style. The key is choosing one that is tough enough to handle high-traffic and the occasional spill.

In general, Persian rugs are more practical than many other options out there. Sisal rugs, for example, will develop new and unwelcome stains whenever a spill occurs. Persian rugs are very resilient. Here are some of the reasons to select a Persian for your kitchen:

Stain-resistant and durable. Wool rugs, as you might know, are naturally stain resistant. In days of yonder, these rugs were used for both for aesthetics and for their protective qualities and durability.

Easy care. Unlike sisal, which is surprisingly difficult to clean, an oriental rug is the opposite. Vacuum and tackle spills quickly, and a Persian will last you a lifetime. And of course, the detailed patterns on most oriental rugs act as a natural camouflage should things go wrong.

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Now for two options when selecting a new kitchen rug:

1. Turkish area rugs are the gold standard as they add sophistication and bohemian elegance. However, investing in an expensive option can be troubling if you are concerned about stains. As such, an older option is ideal. Scour your local classifieds to get started. Over-dyed Turkish rugs are especially popular now. They have their faded colours enhanced with vibrant hues like purple.

2. Small runner area rugs come in a variety of styles to suit small spaces like galley kitchens. Runners with an Oriental pattern, or horizontal stripes are both compelling additions.

How to care for them:

There are some who may be squeamish about having a kitchen area rug. The perceived propensity to collect crumbs and spills can be off-putting. Rest assured, with proper maintenance, a Persian kitchen rug is no different than any other rug in the home.

Just remember these tips:

1. If you have a large Persian, or natural fibre rug, there is nothing wrong with vacuuming them. For a Persian, overlay the rug with a nylon mesh so that the vacuum does not have direct contact with the fibres. Make sure to vacuum both sides of the rug and the floor as well.
2. If you have a small rug in the kitchen, take it outside to clean it the old fashioned way. Shake it vigorously and hang in the sunshine and fresh air for a few hours.
3. Accidents happen, and when they do, take care to administer the appropriate remedy within a few hours. In most cases rubbing the area gently with warm water, soap and a natural fibre cleaning brush should do the trick.
4. Once a year, send your area rugs to the professionals for a deep clean.

And that’s it. Embrace the trend that’s not going away, and get a Persian rug in your kitchen.