Discover the industrial beauty of typical Manhattan kitchens

Exposed brick walls. Pipes. Wooden beams. Worn floors. Steel-framed windows. These are all traits of a typical Manhattan kitchen. The industrial Manhattan loft style kitchen has a very distinct feel. It’s all about (literally) showing what the building is made of, and creating features from elements that would typically be hidden behind walls in other kitchens.

When you want the look of a Manhattan kitchen, you need to stick to a selection of gritty material choices. Concrete, for one, is a great way to get the industrial look you’ll need. Exposed, half-plastered walls and steel piping are two other options. Keep in mind that the kitchen is truly the axis of your home. What you do in your kitchen will give clues to how the rest of your home develops. So if you decide to use certain materials, remember that you’ll need to pull the look through other rooms too.

If you took a sneak peek inside typical New York kitchens (or the gallery below), you’ll see that, generally, space is open. The fewer walls, the better. It’s a great way to maximise the scant square footage of usually small Manhattan apartments. If you can, opening the kitchen space to the outdoors is a good way to maximise the space of a Manhattan loft kitchen. To bring the indoors outside, outfit your terrace with furniture that borrows from the style of your kitchen.

Browse through the gallery to find all the Manhattan kitchen inspiration you need. You might also want to get more familiar with the industrial kitchen style and loft kitchens. Even if you can’t get the complete look, the Manhattan kitchen is easy to mimic using subtle design cues.