The fight against food waste starts at home – with a few purposely built product technologies

No matter how you look at it, food waste has become a global issue that simply cannot be ignored. Research shows that every year, 1.3 billion tonnes of edible food goes to waste. European households alone account for the loss of 27 million tonnes of wasted food every year.

As an eco-concious global brand, we take it upon ourselves to do our part and fight this problem. It’s one of the biggest issues we face as a society today – and one that requires a combined effort to remedy.

Our commitment to fighting food waste is reflected in the causes and people we support – real people with real vision. But of course, it doesn’t end there. In every product we create, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. It’s something that feeds into our Respect Food philosophy.

Sustainability is about more than consuming less energy and resources. It’s about wasting less, and feeding more. That’s why we’ve committed ourselves to developing home appliances that support our mission – with innovative features that ensure your food remains fresher for longer, while consuming less resources.

Below is a selection of these products, that encapsulate our values so perfectly:

Cooling Technologies

Fresh Meter Technology allows you to monitor the lifecycle of the fresh meat kept in your refrigerator. This nifty tech detects the odour level inside the “freshmeter zone” and reflects the freshness level with colours displayed as red, yellow and green.


Custom Fresh+® ads up to 3 times longer storage for meat, fish and dairy products in a fully controlled compartment. The precise temperature control is obtained by automated temperature controlled flap and cooling – keeping your perishables fresher for longer.

Vitamin Care® Zone Technology helps fresh fruits and vegetables maintain their vitality for longer inside the refrigerator. A blue light source located near the crisper enhances the process of photosynthesis in the fridge, which prolongs the storage life of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Find out more about Grundig Cooling here.

Cooking Technologies

Our Fast & Healthy™ technology helps #respectfood by providing healthy snacks in significantly less time, compared to conventional hot air drying. It works by combining microwave cooking and conventional cooking. Drying modes which function with optimum MW power and hot air temperature allow the humidity inside the food to vaporise and blow away.

Chef Assist™ helps you cook at a press of a button. Choose from 50 delicious international recipes and simply to prepare the ingredients according to the instructions, put it in the oven and press the start. The chef assist program the does the rest by correcting the temperature, duration and cooking function automatically.

Find out more about Grundig Cooking here.

Small Appliance Technology

The Grundig Slow Juicer retains more vitamin and minerals thanks to it’s unique squeezing technology. Fresh juice is produced by slowly crushing the ingredients instead of chopping them at high speed. The result is more juice, more flavour, and less waste.


Find out more about the Grundig Slow Juicer here.

Grundig products are designed to make life at home easier. Whether through simplicity of use, functionality or build quality, every element of every products is an essential piece of a well-designed puzzle. But Grundig products are more than that. They are tools designed specifically with sustainability in mind. And as the fight against food waste starts at home, our innovative products hopefully make that fight just a little easier.