Introducing the Grundig coffee machine that makes mornings better with the touch of a button

Mornings, for most people, are a struggle. The popularity of snooze buttons all over the world means there’s little time to savour the little things in our morning lives. Things like stretching, eating a healthy breakfast or setting aside 15 to 30 minutes to brew and enjoy your morning cuppa. Even if it’s a luxury to most, taking time to enjoy your coffee is an important part of a balanced morning ritual.

But how do you make this activity as routine as the rest of your morning, well, routine?

The Grundig GKI 1120 B Built-in Compact Automated Coffee Machine

Investing in an automatic coffee machine is an ideal start. The Grundig GKI 1120 B is a beautiful, built-in, coffee-making morning life-saver. It makes the most flavoursome, barista-level coffee at the touch of a button, using bean-to-cup technology. Whether you’re a regular coffee, cappuccino, espresso or café latte person, making the perfect cup is made easy with the Grundig GKI 1120 B. Are you a coffee capsule devotee? Not a problem. This do-it-all machine can handle both the capsules and tabs of your favourite coffee brands. And with 5 levels of coffee strength adjustment, 5 levels of cup size adjustment and 3 coffee temperature settings – there’s very little the GKI 1120 B can’t prepare.

The Grundig GKI 1120 Coffee Machine

The Grundig GKI 1120 Coffee Machine. © Grundig

However, it’s the Grundig Automatic Coffee Machine’s ability to fully integrate into your kitchen décor that makes it so easy to fit seamlessly into the rest of your morning. Designed with black glass and brushed stainless steel detailing and buttons, the Grundig Automatic Coffee Machine suits all kitchen design schemes and is meant to be installed so that it is completely flush with your cabinetry. You won’t have to think once about this modern morning ritual when the tool that makes it possible is so easily incorporated into your kitchen.

You can also say “goodbye” to the colossal professional coffee machine models that, though great to look at, only work if you have a large kitchen and a surplus of worktop space. At 44.5 cm tall, by 59.5 cm wide, by 32.0 cm deep, the Grundig Automated Coffee Machine is no slouch in the size department (it accommodates a 1.8 litre removable water tank after all), but because it’s built-in, it won’t take up all your kitchen space.

The Grundig GKI 1120 Coffee Machine

The Grundig GKI 1120 Coffee Machine has a dispensing unit for 1 or 2 cups. © Grundig

This handy coffee-making machine of the future has your back if your morning ritual goes completely off the rails. Whether you slept in, the kids weren’t ready on time, or your boss has scheduled an 8 am meeting, you’ll never have to worry about it. The GKI 1120 B features automatic descaling and shut down functionalities, which means that your coffee will always be particle-free and you won’t ever have to think twice en route to work about whether you turned the coffeemaker off.

Main Features
• Regular coffee, cappuccino, espresso and café latte maker
• Electronic control
• 30 automatic programmes
• 5 levels of coffee strength adjustment
• 5 levels of cup size adjustment
• 3 coffee temperature settings
• 200 g coffee bean container capacity
• Coffee grinder
• Steam dispenser
• Hot water dispenser
• Removable drip tray
• Automatic boiler temperature control
• Adjustable grinding degree
• Ground coffee dispenser tray
• Water hardness regulator
• Automatic descaling
• Automatic shut down function
• Energy saving sleep mode
• Removable 1.8 L water tank
• Warning indicators

Product Dimensions
• H x W x D: 448 x 595 x 320 mm

• Black glass