Live your kitchen life a little more freely with these flexible and customisable pieces

Modular kitchens are great because they do exactly what their name says: not affixed to walls and floors, they can be placed around your kitchen and moved about to suit your tastes. Modular kitchens are a design solution for the homeowner who wants a freestanding and personalised final product.

What components are modular kitchens made up of?
The main components of a modular kitchen are kitchen island units, storage cabinets, display dressers and wheeled trolleys, all of which can be moved around your kitchen freely. It doesn’t matter whether you invest in a complete kitchen, or pick and choose the pieces you need. Modular kitchens can be used to make a complete design statement, or mixed and matched along with the kitchen units you already have. In fact, blending your modular kitchen furniture with your existing units creates an especially customised look that will be virtually bespoke!


Modular kitchens can be used to make a complete design statement. © SieMatic,

In which spaces are they especially suited to?
The core benefit of the modular kitchen is that it can be incorporated into any space. However, due to the fact that they are not affixed to walls and can be purchased in separate components, they are particularly well suited to heritage homes and kitchens with historic features. If carefully preserved panelled walls and restored hardwood floors inspire your protective side, then investing in kitchen units that don’t need to be drilled, hammered, or glued into place are ideal. Or, if you have only several items from a historic kitchen remaining, modular pieces can be cleverly paired to match or play off of those items.


Units that don’t need to be drilled, hammered, or glued into place are ideal. © Leicht

What kind of kitchen design styles do modular kitchens come in?
All of them! Traditional cabinets in oak look wonderful in an American style kitchen. Modern pine units with no embellishment are the ideal offset to a Scandinavian heritage property. High gloss white components create a modern space that can be moved when you do!

The core benefit of modular kitchens is that they are available in an array of kitchen design styles to suit your lifestyle (and style). Visit Design Ideas for more kitchen inspiration.