Danish designer Katrine Martensen-Larsen has come up with an ingenious way to help her clients craft their dream interiors

For homeowners and kitchen designers alike, there are so many platforms these days to take inspiration from, whether it’s scrolling through Pinterest or simply flicking through your favourite premium interior design magazine.

But there’s often nothing better than a hands-on approach to a project, and the classic moodboard is still a favourite way for designers to express their ideas due to it being highly tactile as well as visual.


Martensen-Larsen works with her clients to help them come up with a personalised design that suits them. ©kmldesign.dk

Danish designer Katrine Martensen-Larsen has given the moodboard a unique twist, however, with her ‘Moodboks’, which are tailor-made boxes that are filled with items that inspire both Martensen-Larsen and the homeowner.

My point of difference as a designer is that others will often rush the design stage, but I have a great ability to listen to what the client truly wants and to take a more subtle approach to the creative process,’ explains Martensen-Larsen, owner of KML Design.

They work collaboratively to essentially create a 3D moodboard that reflects the client’s own personal taste, which can be edited and added to throughout the project.


Martensen-Larsen creates unique Moodboks, which are boxes packed with inspirational ideas and samples, collected both by her and the client. ©kmldesign.dk

Each client takes their own approach to the Moodboks, according to Martensen-Larsen. If the homeowner is more of a nature lover, for example, they may add stones to the box, which could result in the use of natural materials in the project, or one might add a condiment to suggest their passion for a particular cuisine and style of cooking.

It’s this myriad of boxed-up ideas and interpretations that are then woven into the tapestry of the design to create a fine-tuned and truly personal designer kitchen that will last a lifetime.