Explore more art ideas in the kitchen

If cooking is an artwork, doesn’t it make sense to surround the art studio known as the kitchen with creative inspiration? Kitchens have developed from segregated corners of a home to the core space where families interact and enjoy their time together.

These days open kitchens with islands are a regular sight and it’s not uncommon to have children hanging out in the kitchen while parents are preparing a meal. In other words, it’s a space that people spend time in. So why are kitchens an afterthought when it comes to art? Here are a few thoughts to inspire you to add a touch of art to this humble (but super important) space within your home.

Mix it up

Similarly to how you would mix up various ingredients to make a delicious meal, you also need the right recipe for your wall artwork. You need a combination of colour, texture, fun and personality. Give your art a personal touch in a way that it can reflect the personalities of the whole family and not just one person.

Position artwork right

Kitchens are typically filled with gadgets and wall space is usually sparse. If you want to give your art its due, positioning it towards the interaction area, like the breakfast nook, dinner table or the kitchen island. If you have an abundance of ceiling space, it’s also an option to position artwork above the upper cabinets.

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Look past wall artwork

Most kitchens may not have the luxury of a free wall. Try experimenting with other types of art in your kitchen, like a sculptural light or a ceiling decoration. You can even consider adding a touch of art to your fridge or putting a statement-ornament on the breakfast nook or table.

Keep it out of harm’s way

It goes without saying that brittle artwork that can get damaged easily, should be kept out of the kitchen area. Heat or moisture can easily destroy most works of art, so you need to get creative either with placement, or the art type. Ceramic art or things made of fabric, for instance, are excellent kitchen-safe options.

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Create a story

Think about creating a story with your art in the kitchen. It’s a personal place, so why not reflect that through your art? A collection of ceramic plates in different sizes make a striking statement. Or using kitchen utensils in creative ways is another option.

A touch of vintage

An antique kettle, mixer or a pan could make exquisite pieces of art for the kitchen if displayed in the right way. If you would rather stick to frames, you can even try framing vintage recipes or meal charts.

Create a personal art corner

Dedicate a corner of the kitchen completely to art. It’s an effective way of solving the “where do I put it?” problem. Simply display family projects and other pieces in one dedicated space. You can even add a chalkboard to the corner so you can use wet chalks to create interesting patterns and change it every few weeks.


Some kitchens aren’t blessed with big windows. If this is the case, why not bring some sunshine and greenery into your cooking haven with a well-placed portrait of an outdoor scene?

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