When life gets real, go simple

Work schedules, family commitments, girls’ nights in, dinner parties and new family additions; the young family life is a busy life. So, go simple! Though it’s tempting to skimp on health in exchange for more time, there’s a few tools in your kitchen that are purpose-built to make life easier and better for you and your loved ones. And, your new favourite is likely hanging out in the corner of your counter space: the blender!

With its sleek white and stainless steel looks, the Grundig Grey Sense SM 7280 W Jug Blender is as attractive as it is functional. Say “hi!” to your new best friend!

Being a mom is one meticulous task, and anything anyone can do to help go simple is a good thing. Store bought baby food however, is a grey area. Sure, it’s a quick and easy option for filing adorable tummies but we all know that homemade is better. So, when a big batch of plums, pumpkin, or sweet potatoes is required, your Grundig Grey Sense SM 7280 W Jug gets things done. Plus, the anti-slip rubber feet ensure that you can successfully cook with one hand and get your “mom on” with the other!

When the kids are enjoying their morning nap, it’s time to make a nutritious breakfast for yourself. With so much on your plate, this can be tough to come by. So, go simple and get healthy with a big batch of green smoothie that you can enjoy throughout the day (or, over a couple of days). Whip it up in the blender, pop the jug in the fridge and when you’re ready to imbibe, reinvigorate the smoothie by giving it a quick blend on high!

To make our favourite green smoothie, place 200 g of grapes, 80 g of baby spinach and ¾ cup of ice blender (the 1.5 litre jug has more than enough room to accommodate all of the ingredients) and pulse on low until the ice is ground into small pieces. Then, add 150-200 ml of coconut milk through the refill opening in a steady stream while blending the smoothie on speed level 4. Continue to blend on high until you achieve a frothy final result.

Tip! Though it may be tempting, do not add banana to a smoothie that you wish to last for more than a day. If you’re craving tropical sweetness add frozen pineapple, or mango chunks instead.

The only question we have: how did you live without a jug blender for so long?