Use the right dark materials to create a sophisticated space

Like an impeccably cut tuxedo, there’s really nothing quite like a sleek black kitchen. However, is the sleek black kitchen a liveable kitchen? It is if you use the right combination of shades and materials. Read on as we explain how to go black without going goth.


For a sleek black kitchen, use the right combination of shades and materials. ©

First, you’ll want to create a high-gloss backdrop with kitchen cabinets. Black kitchen cabinets made of materials like thermofoil wood not only look impressive, but they are practical. Flat-fronted and covered in layers of glossy topcoat, they are resistant to scratches and staining.


Black kitchen cabinets not only look impressive, but are practical. ©

To add some natural warmth without changing the colour scheme, consider black slate flooring tiles. Like all slate flooring, black slate is a beautiful and versatile natural building material and can look particularly inviting next to the hypermodernity of high-gloss kitchen cabinets. A word of caution however: slate tiles are not low-maintenance. Though they will last for decades in terms of durability and style, they do require regular upkeep in the forms of thorough washing, sealing and resealing.


Add natural warmth without changing the colour scheme with black slate flooring tiles. ©

If you want to add glossy texture, look no further than your backsplash as a place to make it happen. Smooth, black glass has the ability to add visual texture. The subtle change between glossy tile and matte black grout make black subway tiles a cool new riff on the classic white look. To add even more texture however, consider exposed brick slathered in glossy black paint.

© Leicht

Top everything off with the right sleek black worktop. In terms of beauty and long-term value for your money, it gets no better than black marble. It’s natural, sumptuous and timeless, and with the right care, will remain that way for years to come. However, if it is outside of your budget, you can consider black soapstone. Finally, you can consider adding a few black appliances to complete the look.

Whichever way you make it work for your lifestyle, the embracing the dark side will raise the sophistication level of your home design to impressive new levels. Of course, if all-black isn’t quite your thing, a monochrome mix or all-white option might do the trick.