You don’t need to live by the sea to bring the coastal look into your kitchen

When you think of the beach, you think of the blue sea and sand under your feet. Imagine the scene of your perfect seaside, and imagine yourself in it. When you know you want the seaside kitchen look, use this as a starting point for designing the colour scheme. Naturally, the staple colours of a seaside style kitchen are various tones of sea blue and turquoise, and white. The aim of these colours is to make the space look as airy and bright as possible.

White reflects light and blue adds the depth of the ocean. Tones of yellow bring the sun to the space and light beiges bring the sandy warmth. For some texture, add groove or shiplap panelling, or stripes for that extra nautical note. Hand-painted assets in your kitchen are ideal for a seaside design. The rustic look, which looks better as it ages is also a perfect way to make your kitchen feel like it’s truly yours.

Kitchens dressed in a seaside style captures the sunny serenity of white sands and blue waters combined with nautical nuances. It’s about finding a blend of functionality and personality. It’s the style perfectly suited for anyone who wants to make their most multifunctional room into their most loved.

Need some design ideas to get started on designing your seaside-look kitchen? We’ve compiled a handy gallery of inspiration to help you do just that.