Grundig’s Gas Hob with inox frame is a key piece of the polished modern kitchen

It can be hard to tell what elements exactly make up the modern kitchen. The term has been watered down over time and often the kitchens people claim to be “modern”, are in fact, contemporary. But, no matter, the astute interior designer knows which design cues, materials and appliances compose the sleek surfaces and precision lines of this kitchen style many of us admire.

First, the most subtle marker of a modern kitchen should be addressed: horizontal lines. In many sleek and modern kitchens, long and wide horizontal lines are used. They orient stacked drawers and cabinets, line up hardware and visually match up separate worktops. Regardless of a kitchen’s size, the horizontal lines are a clever way to visually widen a space. It is also a way to seamlessly include built in appliances like the Grundig GIGG6234150 60 cm Wide Front Control Gas Hob with inox frame. Just line it up horizontally with a marble, granite or poured concrete worktop and its sleek glass surface all but disappears into the space.

Within these horizontal lines, cabinets and drawers play a key role in the modern kitchen. Perfectly lined up with each other, they have a frameless and flat panel construction that further plays into the sleekness of the modern style. When constructed out of wood, the unornamented frontages can be integrated into the horizontal orientation with ease – particularly if the grain is horizontal as well! In fact, a horizontal grain in modern kitchen cabinets is a hallmark of the style. For the ultimate sleek look, however, go high gloss with your cabinets. Their multi-layer lacquered finish is as practical as it is eye-catching: they have enhanced resistance to scratches, smudges and germs.

Tick both the ‘stylish’ and ‘practical’ boxes with the Grundig Wide Front Control Gas Hob.

Tick both the ‘stylish’ and ‘practical’ boxes with the Grundig Wide Front Control Gas Hob.

Though not to be confused with the fully integrated kitchen, the sleekness of the modern kitchen relies on its appliances being built-in and seamlessly incorporated. With its full range of built-in appliances, Grundig answers this call beautifully. But, it is the Grundig Wide Front Control Gas Hob with inox frame that is most outstanding in the modern kitchen. Its 60-cm2 size and low profile, as well as its shiny black glass surface, make it both stylish and practical. Constructed out of a single piece of glass, easy clean up is guaranteed with a quick wipe down. Unornamented stainless steel control knobs and a brushed inox frame complete the look.

Powerful, practical, sleek and stylish, the Grundig Wide Front Control Gas Hob with inox frame is most certainly a welcome addition to the sleek and stylish (and practical!) modern kitchen.