The Grundig Built-In Table Top Fridge Freezer is just one way to use appliances to maximise your space

Small kitchen spaces can be a conundrum. Even the most seasoned of interior designers have found themselves stumped by the challenges they present, particularly when appliance integration is involved. However, appliances can be used to great advantage in the small kitchen. Here are 2 great ways to use appliances to maximise your kitchen space.

Go built-in!
Integrated appliances work beautifully in the small kitchen in 2 key ways. First, visually, they mesh in with the rest of the kitchen cabinet and worktop scheme to create a visually larger space. Secondly, built-in appliances provide the same power and internal capacity as their freestanding counterparts, but without taking up the same amount of physical space.

Take the Grundig GTMI 14310 Built-In Table Top Fridge-Freezer for example. Fully integrated, its 87 cm tall frame houses an extraordinary 138 L gross volume (118 net). With 2 shelves, 3 full-width door racks and an A+++ energy rating, it’s a cooling powerhouse in a perfectly sized package. Plus, with its reversible and easy door installation features, bringing the Grundig Built-In Table Top Fridge-Freezer into your small kitchen space is a breeze.

A cooling powerhouse in a perfectly sized package. ©

A cooling powerhouse in a perfectly sized package. ©

Invest in smaller versions of your favourite appliances!
Whether they’re “major” (fridges, stoves, dishwashers) or “small” (mixers, toasters, kettles) appliances, they take up space. But, when every square centimetre counts, it’s time to consider size-wise alternatives. Bigger isn’t always better, after all. With living spaces, particularly in more-compact-than-ever urban centres, appliance brands have gone back to the drawing boards to devise clever, multipurpose small appliances and “apartment style” major appliances that have the same innovative features and power as the big guns, but in a smaller package.

The table top configuration of the Grundig Built-In Table Top Fridge-Freezer for instance, provides a smart and integrated way to pack in the same features you know and love in larger Grundig built-ins, but in a smaller frame. Features like touch sensitive electronic control, an open door buzzer, LED illumination and Grundig’s world-renowned sound technology (it produces a near silent 39 dBA!).

Additionally, small appliances can be swapped out for even smaller versions, freeing up valuable countertop and storage space in the process. For example, instead of investing in an unwieldy food processor, consider a multi-chopper. Or, while a countertop blender might take up too much space for its occasional usage, an immersion blender can be stored in a drawer. Though a vintage style mixer is the showstopper appliance, a hand mixer does the same job, while taking up much less territory!

Add some clever storage solutions, the right light and try out bright décor tips – your small kitchen might just end up feeling like a cathedral!