Try these 6 smart kitchen storage practices

Prospective homeowners and renters alike are often concerned about storage when viewing homes and apartments. This is especially true when it comes to kitchen storage. Minimal kitchens and open shelving are attractive and on trend, but they don’t make the most of the existing space.

Storage is essential to maintain a functional, clean and healthy kitchen environment. Clutter is difficult to keep clean and tidy, so it is best to keep clutter away from counter tops and neatly sorted in clever compartments. Whether you’re in a new home or want to bring order to a disorganised kitchen, we’re here to help.

Get out of the storage slump with smart kitchen storage practices to try today.

1. Hidden storage

Hidden storage is perfect for contemporary and minimalist homes, but is a welcome addition to any home. Pull-out cabinets that function as a compact pantry or spice nook are very convenient when installed below or next to a prep area. Use the area below the oven for a secret compartment for baking trays, cutting boards or plates, depending on how much space you have. Open up more floor space by choosing hinged garbage bins that are hidden within a cupboard.

2. Storage up High

Cabinet and fridge tops offer a practical storage solution at little to no extra cost. Choose beautiful wicker baskets or other containers that fit your interior style or make your own storage to place on top of your fridge or cabinets. The kitchen cleaning area has great shelving potential but is often overlooked in many homes. Open shelving is especially perfect above a sink. Add beautiful storage boxes and greenery to brighten up the cleaning area. Frequently the space between the top cabinets and the ceiling are also not utilised. This is the ideal storage area for lesser used items. Remember to invest in a step ladder so that you can quickly get to them when you need to.

3. Side Hangers

The sides of cabinets and kitchen islands have such great potential for storage solutions that every home can benefit from them. Hooks can easily be installed to hang kitchen utensils, cookware and dishcloths. A paper towel roll can merely be attached to a bar connected to the kitchen island, which will make cleaning up spills so much easier. The possibilities with cabinet sides and even the inside of cabinet doors are endless.

4. Wall Mounted

Any open wall is a great place to start when it comes to smart kitchen storage. While open shelving is a popular option, it is not always the most practical thing in the kitchen where dirt can accumulate. But if you want something different, consider installing a pegboard to a wall. A pegboard is very versatile and can hold a variety of items from pots and pans to utensils. All you need are hooks and small wire bins to get you started.

5. The Fifth Wall

Don’t forget the ceiling. Reach new heights with suspended ceiling bars. Add a contemporary or industrial twist to your home with metal rods like copper or steel. Pots, utensils and dishcloths can hang high up and out of the way of a busy home kitchen, adding a distinctive aesthetic appeal. Place the metal structure above the sink or dishwasher to make putting pots and pans away a breeze.

6. Multi-Purpose Items

In a small space where smart kitchen storage is crucial, items with a double use are life-savers. Sometimes extra storage is not the solution, but cutting down on unnecessary things is. Well-designed multi-purpose products range from utensils and cookware to furniture. Fold-away or fold-up items are brilliant options for a tiny kitchen, and they add a fun feature.

Introducing storage solutions into your home is an inexpensive way to simplify your life. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new products; you’re bound to find something that is the perfect fit for you.