Transform your kitchen into the perfect place to get together

Whether you want it to believe it or not, the phrase “the kitchen is the heart of the home” has a lot of truth to it. It most certainly is. There was a time when kitchens existed for only one reason – to prepare food. There were no kitchen islands with matching bar stools. No open-plan, multipurpose layouts. Thankfully, that time is over. If it isn’t the most social space of your home already, there are a few key ways to transform it into the central point of your home.

Get ready to bask in the warm glow of family and friends in a kitchen designed for getting together and socialising.


Sophisticated lighting to bathe the guests with the perfect mood for socialising, coupled with breakfast bar stools for easier interaction with the host. (c)

Go open plan

First, consider the open concept. It’s a great way to open up your kitchen to the more social spaces of the home, like the living room. Though the open concept is the most obvious way to make the kitchen the central point of your home you’ve always wished for, if you’re not in an open concept home already, it’s important to consult with a designer and contractor to ensure that a renovation is done correctly. When you’ve opened up the space, demarcate the kitchen from the living space with a low wall, or some shelving.

In an open-plan layout, designers always strive to create separate zones within one larger space. But to make the end result feel cohesive, you need to think about your choice of materials and furniture groupings. Repeat the use of the same wood, for example, on your kitchen countertops and living room table to unify the areas. Or opt for the same floors, or hang complementary art in both areas. The possibilities are endless. Get more tips on how to join your kitchen and living spaces in this article.

Divide the space

You can “separate” the spaces of your open plan layout with a breakfast bar. Both the young and young at heart enjoy sidling up to a space the straddles both the living room and kitchen. A breakfast bar with high stools, for instance, is a great place for kids to eat breakfast in the morning, and hang out and do their homework when you prepare dinner.

To create a kitchen designed for socialising, you can also install your hob in the kitchen island because the seasoned host knows that the best dinner parties begin before your guests even sit down to dinner. They begin at the hob. To make your kitchen the perfect spot for entertaining, place the hob in the centre of the kitchen on the island. Induction hobs are an ideal option as they are as thin as the island counter itself. Also, in addition to looking great, their speedy heating and cooling abilities make them a safe option for mingling around.

Set the light

Finally, light up your kitchen right because lighting is an excellent way to change the overall atmosphere in a space. Make the lighting too bright and people feel exposed. Make it too dim and your guests won’t be able to see each other across the table. To create the maximum social effect, bathe the entire kitchen space with recessed pot lights operated by dimmers. Then hang pendant light fixtures in the places you envision family and friends gathering around: like the dining table, the breakfast bar, or the kitchen island.

Hang lights over the dinner table. Doing this will help define the kitchen area without losing the open-plan feel of the room. © Alvhem

Our needs and lifestyles are changing almost daily. Not long ago, spending a Friday night at home seemed like the ultimate drag. But thanks to our social needs and a shift towards healthier living, many people now prefer to spend more time at home. And spending time at home needs a “meeting point” – and that’s what kitchens should be all about.