Durable, versatile, and worry-free. Explore the perks of stainless steel kitchens

Stainless-steel can be found everywhere inside your kitchen. If you don’t have shiny stainless-steel appliances or kitchen islands, in all likelihood, you have stainless-steel pans, mixing bowls, and utensils. Have you ever thought how the use of stainless-steel in the kitchen came to be so universal? Hint: it’s a little more than just sleek shiny looks.

Chrome Steel is truly terrific stuff. It’s an iron alloy and super strong. It doesn’t chip, bend, or crack that easily (although it does scratch), and it remains bright over years of use. The only downfall: it rusts. Enter stainless steel. Stainless steel is a metallic alloy with approximately 10-11% chromium. While exposed to air, the chromium within the metal forms a film of chromium oxide over its surface. This film is passive and non-poisonous, and most significantly, it prevents the metal from rusting while protecting it from air and moisture. Despite the fact that the metal gets scratched, the chromium oxide reforms seamlessly.

This gives you the fantastic properties of chrome steel without the concern of rust. It’s also non-reactive, in contrast to aluminium and iron, so you can use it for preparation and for cooking acidic ingredients. Simply put, we use stainless steel in the kitchen because it’s one of the most durable, versatile, and worry-free metals around. It’s hard to argue with that. Now let’s explore the many ways you can use stainless steel in your kitchen with a handy gallery of images.