Go minimal by getting rid of clutter and sticking to things you need

Have you ever started from ground zero in a new kitchen? Maybe it was around the time when you started your first job? Or when you were kitting out the family holiday home? Planning a new kitchen is a cleansing experience. It’s the time to take stock, and decide what (and what not) to include in your setup. Every decision has a knock-on affect that could impact the way you prepare meals and entertain in the future.

As the world starts moving away from excess, you might have though about going minimal with your new kitchen. A kitchen stocked with essentials – everything you need and nothing more. But how do you begin to decide what this kitchen be? Luckily, we’re here to help. Discover how to design an essentials-only minimal kitchen after the jump.

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Minimal kitchen design rules

  1. Never purchase any item you don’t need for habitual daily cooking. Bye bye bread maker.
  2. Focus on smart buys, and quality appliances.
  3. Avoid plastic, and splurge on the things you know you’ll use often.

The bare essentials of a minimal kitchen

An oven and stove top
A refrigerator

You’ll need these basic appliances every single time you’re preparing a meal at home. Chances are you already own both. Congratulations! Use your oven, stove and fridge appliances until they wear out. Once they do, replace them with durable, high quality options. Pay close attention to energy efficiency labels. It’s vitally important to consider appliances that not only save you extra money in running costs, but are good for the environment.

Two quality knives

Huge knife block with 15 different knives? Nope. Most (all) of your preparation can be done by slimming your collection down to two- a large chef’s knife and a sidekick parring knife. That’s it. Most people will tell you that knives are a good place to spend some money when kitting out a new kitchen. They’re right. You won’t find more oft-used tools than your knives. So use the funds you would have spent on a large set, to get a minimal set of two instead.

Two rubber spatulas and one pair of tongs

When you’re cooking on heat – these will be your go-to’s. Make sure to purchase tongs with a silicone tip so they can be used on coated pans.

One pair of scissors

Scissors are used more often than you’d think. From cutting up a chicken to opening food packages – a solid pair of scissors are very handy. Find one with an integrated bottle-opener for extra minimalist kitchen points.

One colander

Find one that’s small, compact and doesn’t take up a lot of space. A rubber colander is an excellent addition to the essentials-only kitchen because of its storability and frequent use.

Pots and pans

When you live a minimalist life, it makes sense to spend more money on the few items you have. It’s all about purchasing the essentials – but keeping them for a long time. Find a set of high quality pots and pans with non-stick coatings. You’ll likely only need three: a smaller frying pan, a large frying pan with a lid, and a medium-sized pot. Feel free to add a sauce pot and saute pan into the mix if you want.

One large cutting board

Unless you want to cause some damage, or your counters are made of butcher’s block, you’ll want to invest in a large cutting block. Make sure to select an option that’s easily storable.

Can opener

Every kitchen needs one. But you don’t need an automatic appliance to take care of the job. A simple hand-twist can opener will do the trick.

Wooden Spoon

Cooking utensils are a matter of preference, but you can’t escape the practicality of the good ol’ wooden spoon.

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What a minimalist kitchen doesn’t need

A microwave oven

Microwaves hamper your ability to become a better cook by making it too easy to prepare ready-made meals. Everything a microwave does, can be done in one form or another with the tools listed above. And if you really can live without a microwave in your life, opt for something like a Grundig Multi-function Oven. It’s an oven an microwave in one, giving you the best of both worlds.